Independent Writer
Effective, Easy to Use, Free Teaching Rource. Enabling Students to write independently at their level

Independent Writer Words Cards

Words One : 50 of the highest frequency words plus colours, numbers, foods etc on the back

Words Two : 150 words

Words Three : 260 words

Words Four : Over 1100 of the most commonly used words. In addition there are separate sections with a further 250 words covering Adjectives, Adverbs and Conjunctions etc. to promote descriptive writing.

Suggestions for Use in Class

Create you own Class pack based on your class's specific needs

Laminating Word Cards will help them last

Word Cards need to be on display, and easily accessible to get the full benefit from them

Use the Words Cards in conjunction with:

How to get the best from Independent Writer

Assessment Record Sheets

Words Papers


Skills Sheets 1-24 – For students to systematically practise their Words Level to enable them to become confident and capable when using it.

Developing Extended Writing 1-24 - Using these, students learn how to get the best from their Words Level to help them to independently produce high quality written work.

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