National Literacy Strategy,NLS Spelling Tool suitable for Reception, Primary & Special Needs

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This simple 3-step approach enables students to effectively write at their level:-

1) The educator uses the Assessment Record Sheets to place students on the correct Word Level for them. Pupils only need to be able to read about 30 of the most basic words such as 'and', 'the' and 'like' to be able to use Words One.

2) Students can now use their Words Level to find the majority of words they need when writing.

3) Students attempt writing words which they cannot find on a Words Paper before checking with an adult.

Extension Material

Basic areas such as numbers and colours are progressively developed through to adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions etc. Using these special sections on the Words Levels provides an easy way to develop variety, detail and description in students' writing. There is a separate section on the Words Paper to aid this.

Skills Sheets 1-24 provide a systematic method for students to become familiar and confident in using their Word level. They also provide practise in sentence structure, and develop the use of punctuation.

Developing Extended Writing 1-24 provide a progressive range of creative writing topics directly linked to the Word levels, both familiarising students with the different Words banks, and making their writing more varied and imaginative.

Independent Writer can be used for writing in all subject areas.

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